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Old Pallet = New Wine Rack

November 23, 2011 - Author: Amy - 12 Comments

I asked D if he would be willing to write this post, since he did all the work.  He said “Sure, It’ll go a little something like this:  My wife asked me to make her a wine rack.  So I made her a wine rack.  The End.”

Eloquent, no?

So you’re stuck with me again.  ;)

I recently started a pinboard dedicated to D, because I kept finding all these “pinteresting” things to show him and ask if he could make for me us.  Most of the board is filled up with cool stuff made out of reclaimed wood, and out of pallets, which we happen to have lots of laying around.  And pie.  D loves pie.  Note to self: learn how to make pie.

I showed him this picture specifically:

And he thought he could handle that.  So we drug home one of the more intact/perfectly weathered pallets we had laying around out at the build.

And he cut it down and removed some of the boards.

He kept all the rusty old nails because rustic is how we roll, but he did at least hammer them back in to reduce the risk of tetanus when I go to pour myself a glass.

Some of the removed boards became the bottom of the rack.  They were a little warped but he was able to salvage everything enough that he actually made two racks out of this one pallet. 

He considered adding some extra wood into the bottom of the rack so whatever we stack in there would show better, but I was happy with how the bottles showed and so decided to leave them for now.  If ever we decide to use them for something else, like a magazine rack or shelves, we can always add more later.

I love how they turned out!  And now I need to buy more wine to fill them up!!

Aaaaaand maybe find an old rake to display my glasses, too.  ;)

What did I ever do before Pinterest??

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Categories: Home Goods

Discussion (12 Comments)

  1. Wow that’s awesome! Very creative and tons of character to boot!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! (thanks for the comment earlier)

    • by Amy

      Thanks John!

  2. VERY cool. Love!! Think one of those things would ship…? ;)

    • by Amy

      Hey Stac! Thanks! I feel certain they would… but we prefer local pick up.. ;)

  3. by Barb

    This is so cool!! I guess I can be expecting plenty more bottles for “crafts”…LOL

  4. by Amy

    LOL! You assume correctly! ;)

  5. I love me some rustic wine racks….and wine!

    • by Amy

      Cheers to that!

  6. by Erin

    Oh how I love this! Way to go D!

    • by Amy

      Thanks Erin! I’m pretty proud. :)

  7. This is so awesome! Pinning for a future project :)

    • by Amy

      YES! My first pin. I have arrived! ;)

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