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Junior’s Room

March 20, 2014 - Author: Amy

The other night I was in the kitchen, minding my own business when little Junior comes running in with a handful of those gross yogurt treat things and tells me, “You need to come wrestle me!”

Me: “Um, okie dokie” ~Goes into living room and tries to wrestle him

Jr.: “No!  Wike dis!” ~Log rolls across the living room

Me: “Of course.  Silly me.”  ~Also log rolls across the living room

Jr: “That’s good!  Good girl!” ~Throws yogurt treat across the room~  “Go get it!”

Me:  “Wait.  Did you just trick me into a game of fetch?”

Jr: “Daddy!  Wrestle!”


Next week marks our first anniversary in this house.

Last week marks the day we finished poor little Junior’s room.

What can I say?  We’re beasts when it comes to DIY.

Mostly, the big hold up had been the fact that we didn’t want to do or hang much until we patched and repainted all the walls.  We bought a paint sprayer, but then D started working a zillion hours a week and going to school full-time and painting just wasn’t our idea of fun in our down time.

Finally, over the holidays when he had a break from school, we taped everything off and he sprayed paint in Junior’s room, our room, and the office.

And finally, finally, little man has a finished room.


With a bit of a cabiny feel.  See the silhouettes?

I reupholstered that chair two houses ago with him in mind, and we bought that mini bear skin rug before he was even born.


The quilt was a shower gift, and my grandma gave us the tub that holds his books.


My MIL refinished that desk for us, and the top is covered in old newspaper clippings.  I sanded and painted the blue chair for the dining room in our last house.


My MIL also stitched the artwork in the middle of the origin and meaning of Junior’s name.  My mom had given me the other two as gifts, and I think the trio work perfectly together.


For all the waiting, I’m happy with the final result.  It’s a cozy little boy’s room.

The other night before bedtime, he toddled in there to pick out a book and with a sweep of his little hand told me, “Mommy, I wike this room.”

Totally worth it.

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Is Your House On Fire, Clark?

December 9, 2013 - Author: Amy

We’ve never been big on outdoor Christmas decorating.  I think mostly because D knows I’m not going to get out there and do it, and it’s always cold as Christmas balls so I don’t push him to.  (Very much.)

But we had a 60 degree Sunday recently and guess what?


Went straight Griswold.

Here’s something else you should know about.  The winter edition of Vintage KC magazine is out!  And it doesn’t disappoint.  D is officially getting mustache wax in his stocking this year.

Erin invited her local DIY bloggers to participate in a section again and provided mini Christmas trees for us to do with as we would.  The results were adorable.  Mine is below, but it really is worth clicking (or buying!) to check out the rest.


My take on an old-timey garland was to string cranberry and popcorn.  I’m happy with the classic, slightly rustic feel.

Also in the issue is some really beautiful inspiration for your Christmas parties this year.  I actually got to attend and enjoy all the stunning treats and decorations, and while there, catch up with a buddy from grad school!


That’s Kristen!  She has Hey Paul Studios, just the coolest and cutest stitchery of all time EVER!  Here’s a link to her blog and to her Etsy shop.  She’s also got a mini Christmas tree featured in the magazine.  I hope you’ll check out all three.

Look at me just handing out Christmas ideas!

Take a gander at Vintage KC, and let me know if you end up doing any of the great ideas therein, or if you end up with something from Hey Paul, I wanna see!

(I totally got one of these for my brother.)


PS – Linking up here, and you should too!

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Tea Towels And The Like

September 3, 2013 - Author: Amy

At my core, I am an introvert.

I like people, for the most part (though I generally like dogs more).  And I feel like I’m pretty good at, you know, talking and interacting and stuff.  But it can be taxing and so I tend to spend time alone when I get the chance or have the choice.

One of the most dreadful ways for an introvert to spend their time?  Stuck in a car with another person.  Small talk only gets you so far, then I feel awkward and search for mundane and uninteresting (or often weird, because it’s me) topics to pass the time until you reach your god-forsaken destination.

The ONLY exception to the rule is if the other person in the car is, to put it lightly, amazing.  Luckily for me, my flea market excursion buddy is just that.  We spent a total of 3 hours in a car my hubby’s big, giant, noisy diesel, 3 hours shopping, and 1 hour eating.  And at the end of it all we decided the mark of a really good day was the fact that neither of us bloggers/writers thought to take any pictures.

I’ve talked about Erin on here before.  She’s got a personal blog and she’s got the best magazine in the history of magazines of all time ever, Vintage KC.

The new fall edition is out now (linked above) and she’s included a really neat new section of local DIY bloggers.  You might recognize one on Page 38.  Ahem.  And for this section, she asked us to personalize some tea towels.  I’m not much of a fabric-worker-wither, so I was a little intimidated.  And stumped.  And I didn’t want to let my friend down.  So I looked on Pinterest and bugged a friend of mine with real actual talent for ideas, and here’s what I came up with.


From these ingredients.


I trimmed the edges in burlap ribbon with some stitch-witch.  (Because I’m not fabricy or sewey.)


And stamped some checks.


Editors note for the slow among us (read: me): Freaking lay something protective down on your table before working with paint.

Also, get yourself a fabric paint medium.  You’ll need to use that and iron after the paint dries if you want it to stay.


And I wanted it to stay because I sorta liked the finished product.  Go figure!

And go look at all the really cool other ideas Erin collected.  Hers is the last listed, a cute fruit stamp!

Erin, thanks for the opportunity – and for the friendship.  I like you more than dogs!

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Nuttin Honey

May 24, 2013 - Author: Amy

Do you remember those commercials?

“Whatcha eatin?”  “Nuttin honey.”

But clearly he IS eating something so the wife beans him in the head for his lies… Ha… classic.

That’s what we’ve gotten accomplished at the house.  Nuttin.  Unless you count painting one half of one room.  We chose at random and started in the dining room.  In retrospect, maybe not the best choice since it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in.

Front of house.


Right inside front door.


Look left.



After some debate, we left the wainscoting white.  We changed the color on the top mostly because she had just left so many holes and scuffs on the walls that we have to patch and therefore re-paint everything whether we really want to or not.

Here is my version of a before and after.


Wall on left: Before.  Wall on right: After.  Man with nice arms: Taken.

The man with nice arms is also actually going to be building different legs for the dining room table.  You see the old ones in the picture above.  They’re really pretty, but they have those squiggley pieces that prevent chairs from being pushed all the way in.  And I bought new chairs – two banquettes, actually.  One is sitting in a box in the dining room.  The other is sitting in a box at the top of the stairs.


We classy.

I still have my eye twitch.  It has been literal weeks and it is making me mental.  You guys DIY everything.  What is a freaking remedy for this??  (Aside from cutting stress or caffeine.  I don’t know how to have less of either.)

I like this song.  (If you click on that, sorry about the buttcheeks.)  Videos with bikers always make me titter a little bit because they look so tough, but my parents are bikers and you’ve never met a nicer, more clean cut set of Republicans. 

What are you guys doing for Memorial Day?  I’m cutting my hair off and then going to see Cheap Trick.  Ohhhhh yes I am.


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A Handmade Christmas

November 30, 2012 - Author: Amy

Don’t get too excited, people in my real life.  I’d love to say that you’re all getting really neat gifts I made with my own two hands out of love… But gift certificates are nice too!

Just in case I get a wild hair or extra hours in the day, I have found some pretty neat DIY for Christmas.

Candy Cane body scrub, anyone?


I actually did do this one year, and it makes for quite a refreshing bath.

Socks and wine.  SOCKS AND WINE!


Genius.  Pure genius.


My mom made Junior his own tree for his room.  Didn’t she make the cutest little ornaments?


 Smelly goods.


And I just had to add this after Michelle posted it.  This could be yours for $2, people!


 There you have it.  Fantastic, inexpensive, homemade gifts you won’t be getting from me but might want to make for someone else.  ;)

Happy Friday!



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I Made Lip Balm

October 8, 2012 - Author: Amy

Seriously.  The easiest, cheapest, tastiest lip balm of all time.  Not that I was eating it…

I’ve been seeing variations of this floating around Pinterest for a while, so I finally just decided to go for the simplest formula I could think of.  I’m a lazy DIY-er.

That’s it, folks.  Vaseline and Crystal Lite.  I got the raspberry lemonade because I thought the color would be the prettiest.

Random martini swizzle sticks that you found in your junk drawer work perfectly for the stirring.

  I just kept adding the Crystal Lite until I was happy with the color.

And it worked great!  Smells fruity, tastes good when you accidentally lick your lips a lot, and it feels nice and soft, not sticky like a lot of lip balms I’ve tried.  For literal pennies, this is a winner.

I figured you’d want to see how it turned out, so I took a baseless duck face pose picture.  That’s the kind of picture all the cool girls take, right?  Kissy duck faces?

Sorry about that.  I want to punch myself in my own bill.

Normal face – or as normal as my face can look.

Ohhh luscious vaseline lips….  Whaddya think?  Worth a try, eh?

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July 9, 2012 - Author: Amy

I was off most of last week, galavanting around with my little guy swimming, shopping, napping… enjoying.

I was going to get back in the swing of things today with a real nail biter of a post about how we finally installed shower doors in our master bathroom.

But I’m feeling far too inspired of late to talk about boring ol shower doors.

D has the wood all laid out to start building our dining room table, for which I cannot wait, and I think I’d like to make it this runner as a welcome home gift.


So simple, so pretty, so homey.

Also needed for the three adjectives above:

A wire cloche.  Don’t know what a cloche is?  Neither did I.  Keep scrolling. 


That’s a cloche.  Made of wire.  And I need one.

PS – She made that for $1.04!  She’s got some other really great projects and tips, too.  Dig around her blog when you get a minute.

I told you all that I’m involved in this Blogging without Borders thing, yes?  My focus is our master suite and I thought I had some solid ideas all wrapped up and ready to go, Amy style.  But they keep falling apart and my terror grows daily.  My curtains are on the to-do list, but isn’t this a cute little idea?


Vintage door knobs as tie-backs.  Duh!

Now we’ve been in the house for about 6 weeks already, and we really are loving it, but it’s taking a while to really feel settled in.  It still has construction dust around the edges, and this interesting new-car-smell.  It’s not a bad smell… It is just an odd mix of sheet rock, freshly cut cedar, and newly installed carpet.  You know the one.  I have a habit of keeping candles lit, but I think I might need to step it up a notch for that extra kick of cozy.


Lemon, rosemary, and vanilla.  Mmmm…

Speaking of vanilla.. Did you know you can DIY that?



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Vintage KC Magazine

June 11, 2012 - Author: Amy

I have this friend.

You might remember her from a guest post she wrote here a few months back.  You know the one with the hair pin leg coffee table?

She and her sweet family came to visit us this weekend, and she didn’t come empty handed.

Oh no, she didn’t.

In one arm she carried a cooler full of ingredients to make us the most delicious pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth, and in the other, a veritable cache of treasures all for me!  I’ve as of yet not recovered well enough from the shock of so many goodies to write about them (yet).  And besides, this post isn’t about me.

It’s about Erin.  Erin, who has a husband and son to care for, who works a full time job, who runs a very cool Etsy shop, and who also blogs… up and decided to start her own magazine.

And she knocked it out of the park.

Vintage KC is a magazine about home, fashion, and of course DIY.  It is right up your alley, dear readers… believe you me.

You want to learn how to make this adorable doily bowl? 

Or a neat felt streamer?

Then be sure to check out the DIY section!

You’ll love it.

PS – you can even subscribe online!

PPS – I’m not sure how all this works, but in case I need to say it – my opinion that this is the coolest magazine of all time ever, is my own.  Erin didn’t coerce or threaten me into saying so.  ;)

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Favorite Things Friday!

February 4, 2012 - Author: Amy

Good morning, friends!  I woke up this morning to the sounds of thunder booming and rain hitting my window.  A spring like thunderstorm was absolute bliss to lay in bed and listen to on the third of February!  I hope your day started just as wonderfully!

I’m doing a little something new here at Buffalo Roam – sponsor swapping!  I’m so excited to have both these girls, and so therefore, they are my first favorite thing on this Friday!

Ashley over at Attempts at Domestication is one of my favorite reads.  She and her husband just bought their first house, so you’ll want to head over and see all the fabulous things she has planned! 

Attempts At Domestication

I’m a newlywed housewife from Richmond, VA. My husband and I met as kids and dated all through college before getting married in April 2011. We love traveling, watching movies, hanging out with our friends, cooking and Star Wars. My blog, Attempts At Domestication, started as a way to keep my college friends who are scattered all over up to date on my life, but I’ve really gotten into the whole DIY blog thing. It keeps me motivated to try new things and to actually make the things I pin on Pinterest. I do posts about my attempts at DIY, crafts, throw in a lot of random stuff about my life and share recipes from time to time too. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home (we close on Feb. 15!) so the blog will definitely shift focus to mainly home decor and DIY after the big move.

You can also follow her on Twitter and Pinterest!

My second is also an Ashley, and she blogs over at First Home Dreams.  I stumbled across her blog one day, and was immediately hooked by her beautiful historic home, and all her fabulous projects.

Hi there! I’m Ashley, the rambling author of First Home Dreams, a blog dedicated to the restoration, renovation, and decoration of our brick farmhouse built in 1899. We’re located in Minesing, Ontario, Canada. We’re trying to do as much as we can ourselves, learning as we go. I hope you’ll pop on over!

 Here are links to her Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

 If you’re interested in sponsoring, advertising, or swapping, shoot me an email – I’d love to work with you!

My second favorite thing today – white ink!


I know that may seem a little weird, but as a gal with several tattoos already, I feel I should warn you that they are, in fact, addicting.  I think my spring fever is adding to my itch.  The only problem is placement.  I’m running out of space to put them that will allow me to remain gainfully employed and also not cast me into the social pariah circle.  It’s a fine line to balance.

Third, antler and antler related things.


I accidentally stumbled into Hobby Lobby the other day, and they have all sorts of antler stuff now.  Even fake mounts to hang on your wall.  One of them was price-reduced down to $12.37, oddly enough.  But I refrained.  I decided I needed to save that $12.37 and put it in the “Buy a Real Antler Chandelier” fund for the living room.  I’m on the hunt.  (Pun intended.)

Fourth favorite thing – You!  I like you.  :)

So tell me, what’s up this weekend?  Is it raining in your neck of the woods?  Who else has/loves ink??

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Glass Insulator Pendant Lights

January 4, 2012 - Author: Amy

See these?


I want them in my kitchen!

As luck would have it, we’ve already gotten our paws on some glass insulators.  We just don’t really know how to proceed from here.  So over the weekend, we took a trip to Home Depot to scope out what kind of pendant wiring, lightbulbs, drill bits, etc., are available.

Quick sidenote: When we were trying to decide on baby names, D wanted to name him Sparta, so that when he introduced his family to people, he could be all “This is my wife, Amy, and THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAA!!!!”  I nixed that for obvious reasons, but Junior must have heard us talking about it en utero, because he gets really worked up sometimes and channels King Leonidas.


 Anyway, we bought a drill bit to see if we’re even smooth enough to drill a hole in the glass without shattering it before we spend the money on the rest of the fixture.  That’s our next project, followed by D cutting down some massive trees in my parents back yard for yet a different DIY light fixture.  More on that later.

Have you ever drilled glass?  Made your own lights?  Severed any digits in the process?

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