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You Want to Talk About Easy?

April 25, 2014 - Author: Amy

Not referring to myself.

You know what I am exceptionally good at?

Exceptionally easy crafts.

My front door has been bare ever since I took down the Christmas wreath last week.


So while we were at Hobby Lobby crying over the price of custom frames, I grabbed a grape vine wreath and can of white spray paint because I can afford those.


Oh my gosssshhhhhh, Amy, you are such a homemaking prodigy.

I am less adept at horticulture.  I didn’t feel like finding anything to spray paint this on top of, so I just did it in the grass in the front yard on a super windy day and now D is mad at me for the giant white spot and is pretty sure I poisoned and killed all the grass in the surrounding counties.


But really, I do like the white against the navy.  Should serve well enough throughout the seasons.

Who else has an easy project they’d like to let me rip off?  Does anyone need any front door wreath consultations?  I’m really good at them!

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Play Room

July 22, 2013 - Author: Amy

Something happened to me this weekend.

After three months of general malaise regarding the state of our house, a sudden inferno lit itself under my butt and this:


became intolerable.

So I hauled everything out and painted the walls the same color as the living room.  While that dried, I took his little Thomas the Train table apart and painted the main part the same blue as our front door and the play surface with chalk paint.


While I let both the table and the walls dry, we went out for ice cream.  During which time, Bill felt the need to stand directly over the newly chalk-painted table top and drool.  So it’s got some neat water marks now.  >:(

Also during that time the following conversation was had.

Me: What color are your eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are daddy’s eyes?

Jr.: Blue!

Me: What color are mommy’s eyes?

Jr.: Black!

D: Just like her soul……

Feeling the love, boys.  Gracias.

Then it was just a matter of moving everything back in, with a few additions.


Rug from previous house.


Newly painted table, mini cow hide arm chair, “dream big, little one” art from Hobby Lobby.


Old church pew I bought at a flea market that D re-stained.  Four baskets that fit under the pew perfectly, and actually hold all Junior’s crap.  Map art also from Hobby Lobby, and tin bucket thing for books.


And since we already had every bit of this, minus the chalk paint which my MIL loaned me, I can actually say I got all this done in a day for zero doll hairs.

~pats self on back~


D: *coughs politely* Except for the taking down and re-hanging of the sconces.  And carrying the pew downstairs.


44 Comments - Categories: Junior, New House

It’s Christmas Outside Too

December 4, 2012 - Author: Amy

Remember when I made happy little wreaths and hung them in all my merry little windows?

I didn’t stop there.  Oh no, I didn’t. 

Actually, I would have.  I was sleepy.  But D started pulling the bigger wreaths out and asking how to go about making bows for them.  I don’t doubt he would have done a fine job, but there was a bigger, underlying issue here.

D… can be somewhat grinchy about Christmas festivities.  I know, I know!  He seems so perfect in every other domestic way.  But if Jingle Bells lands in his ears before about December 23rd, he’s been known to bah-humbug it.  In fact, he even carries around a coffee mug with it in big black lettering.

I had to rally so as not to be outdone by Ebenezer.

We picked up the wreaths at Hobby Lobby on 50% off day, so we’ve only got $5 in each of these.  D did the fluffing whilst I made jolly bows out of the same patterned ribbon as the indoor wreaths.  Then we hung them on our exterior lights.

The front porch.

Notice the tricky angle photography that excludes the pumpkins still sitting on the deck.

I love those lights… all covered in dust.

And the garage.  (I tried to type this as I’m prone to pronounce it, like GAYrage… but then it looks like gay rage and that doesn’t feel very in tune with the Christmas spirit.)

I like these lights too.  I shall be sad to leave them behind.

And there you have it.  The extent of our exterior Christmas decor. 

I feel comfortable telling you that this will, in fact, be the extent of it, as ol Scrooge over here announced more than once and completely unsolicited that he will not be hanging Christmas lights.

Who wants to come hang some for me?  Anyone?  Anyone?

27 Comments - Categories: Home Goods

White Chicken Chili

October 25, 2012 - Author: Amy

D has been out of town all week for work.  I don’t generally announce that stuff so as not to entice would-be robbers.  But he’s back today so don’t be getting any big ideas.  On a somewhat related note, the house alarm went off this morning while I was getting ready and it scared the bejezus out of me.  Turns out I sat my blow dryer down a little hard and the system registered it as a glass break.


I tell you this mostly just to tell you that since the cat was away, the mice were really lazy and I didn’t feel like cooking.  Enter giant pot of white chicken chili.

What you’ll need:

2 tsp. olive oil

32 oz. chicken broth

1 medium onion

2 cups cooked chicken

2 cans whatever kind of beans you fancy.  (I usually use navy, or in this case kidney)

1 can corn

1 (8 oz) can green chilis

1 Lime

1/2 tsp. Cumin

Toppings can include chopped green onion, pepperjack cheese, cilantro, sour cream, etc.

Sautee the onion in the olive oil until translucent.

Now here comes the tricky part… Throw everything else into the pot.  ;)

Let it simmer for about 30 minutes, then add your delicious toppings and devour.

Since this meal wasn’t exactly an involved process, and Junior was happily eating little kid ravioli,

I tinkered around in the half bath.  Odd as it is to say, this is one of my favorite spaces in the house.  The vanity is an old carpenters chest.  The sink is a $7 bucket from Hobby Lobby.  And the walls are trimmed in cedar.  I just love it.

I like the light we have in there, but I added a lamp and it just gives off such a warm glow every time I walk by.  I left Junior’s framed weeds and added a candle and wooden punkin, for just a touch of fall.  This is all framed by my favorite door in the house.

To me, this little space epitomizes the feel we wanted for the whole house, and I love the way it turned out.

Hope you try and like the chili!

Sorry for talking about food and bathrooms in the same post.

22 Comments - Categories: Eats

Framing Flowers

September 5, 2012 - Author: Amy

Or weeds, whatever your 17 month old picks out of your yard and hands you.

Like everything else he does, the gesture made my heard explode and I wanted to hang on to them.  So I dug around in the basement for a frame I wasn’t using.

I graduated.  Go me!

Yank the photo, insert weeds memories just like Lindsay.

Find a spot to display said memories. 

I wandered around for a while when I realized I’ve never shown you guys the half bath.  Probably because it isn’t finished yet.  But that’s where I sat my weeds memories so I guess I’ll go ahead and do that now.

It’s behind this barn door.

Cedar wall, old timey light, Hobby Lobby mirror (that isn’t hung yet, but just balancing on the faucet), special order faucet that comes directly out of the wall, $7 Hobby Lobby bucket turned sink, and one really old carpenter’s chest on a set of claw feet.

It’s actually already one of my favorite spaces.  It needs trim, and the paint touched up, and a few other details before I can call it finished.

 But for now it’s a good home for my weeds.

I mean memories.

29 Comments - Categories: Home Building, Home Goods

A Happy Little Wreath

July 3, 2012 - Author: Amy

Bob Ross reference there.  Did you grab that?  I just couldn’t think of a catchy title with the word “wreath” in it.  I can’t even think of a word that rhymes with wreath at the moment… Send caffeine.

I made a wreath, is the point I’m trying to make. 

To make your own happy little wreath you will need: 1) to go to Hobby Lobby on 50% day, and 2) have a husband with an uncanny ability to find things such as old rusty barbed wire.

Take said barbed wire, and whilst drinking delicious merlot, begin to affix aforementioned accutrement.

like so

and so

and so.

(Don’t forget to include part of your foot in every single picture you take)

Then, take another sip and fervently wish you’d paid more attention to all the bows your grandma used to make while trying to wrangle one yourself.

 Place your wreath on the stairs, take a picture of it, text it to your friends/mom and wait for the adoring comments to come pouring in.

Keep waiting.

Wander off and forget you’ve ever even seen a wreath until you work late one night and come home to find that your loving husband has hung your little project for you.

 Pour a glass of merlot, take a bath, and pat yourself on the proverbial back!

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