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Stuff and Things

February 6, 2013 - Author: Amy
  • I have announced to D that I will not be cleaning house again until after we’re out of it.
  • Then we forgot to replace the filter and you should see the dust.
  • You can literally see Bill outlines on the hardwoods.
  • The moving company comes tomorrow to estimate how much time and manpower it will take to get us packed.
  • My best guess is: a lot.
  • (Glad it’s not me.)
  • Still not going to dust.
  • We are going to take a second look at a house that we might maybe make an offer on.  Maybe.
  • We feel like this about it:unimpressed
  • How my mom feels about the possibility of us not making an offer and moving into their house.skeered
  • I have developed an eye twitch, likely due to the house hunt.
  • Strangers think I’m winking at them.  Creepily.
  • I watched “Something’s Gotta Give” and decided the best solution is to become a playwrite and buy a house with a private beach.  When asked what I will write about, my best answer so far has been “stuff and things”.
  • Note to self: work on ideas for play….
  • After I write my play and get my beach house, I have the perfect art for the bathroom.tub

So at least there’s that….

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