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On Being Famous

September 17, 2012 - Author: Amy

Just kidding.  I’m not actually famous.

But if you were to check out the fall edition of Vintage KC magazine, you might recognize a couple faces.

Or maybe only mine, since D has been sketchy about showing his mug. 

Here, how about now?

 I’ve talked about this magazine before.  I’m friends with the editor, so I have a sneaking suspicion that our appearance in her mag wasn’t so much our stunning good looks as it was our access to a farm and horses.

The theme was 1970′s country, which was fortunate because we both own a lot of cowboy boots.  Also, D dresses like a 1970′s cowboy anyway, so most of what he wore was already his.

The shoot was at my inlaws place, which is a very cool civil war era farmhouse with lots of land, outbuildings and animals.


Van Goat even made an appearance!

 This is D’s horsie, Pongo, that he’s had since high school.

Every section breaks down what we’re wearing, how much she got it for, and where you can find your own!

One more, just because it’s my favorite.

This was a fun experience.  I’m so glad she asked us to be a part of this, because honestly?  She’s kicking butt and this magazine thing.  Fashion is just one part of what you’ll find inside the cover.

She also tours beautiful, vintage loving homes.

And it’s full of DIY.  And I KNOW you love DIY.  Especially when it involves pallets.

So do yourselves a favor, head on over to her website and subscribe!

Tell her Amy sent you.  :)

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Outsidey Parts

June 1, 2012 - Author: Amy

D: Hey Barb – Want to come make sure I don’t fall off this ladder?

Mom: Um, sure!  ~scared face~

Thanks to Mom for making sure D stayed alive,

And thanks to D staying alive long enough to finish staining the barn door, we finally got to see the front of our house without any scaffolding.

OK, there is a wee bit of baby scaffolding on this end.  But still, such a site for sore eyes.  It is finally beginning to look less like a construction zone and more like a real live house.

Minus grass.

Lookie! – My FIL and Van Goat got our little deck off the master all done!  Isn’t it the exact perfect height to step off of, and right into a hot tub?

Say yes, because I got a hot tip about one the other night that I’m trying to talk D in to.  ;)

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Decks And Goats And Stuff

May 30, 2012 - Author: Amy

D: Hey Nate.  I know we were going to pour a concrete patio off this here bedroom, but lookie what I found – more deck building material!  Whatcha say we build us another deck instead?

Nate: It’s 10:00 pm..  But that sounds like an awesome plan!

Me: Sweeeet!  If we have an elevated deck instead of just a patio, it’ll be the perfect height to sit a hot tub next to!


Nate: Measure once…

D: Cut twice.

Me: That doesn’t sound right…

D: Stand back.

Me: Could I interest you in some safety goggles?  Anyone?  No?

~Next Day~

FIL: Hey guys!  I brought my goat along to help.

Me: This goat has no ears.

Me: I shall call you Van Goat!  (Get it??  Like Van Gogh!  Because he cut off his ear!)  Bwahahaa… That’s clever right there!


Winnie: At first I wanted to eat Van Goat, but now we’re cool.  I’m thinking of buying her a matching skully bandana.

And the deck?

(Yes, that’s a fitted sheet!  Those doors lead to the master and a girl needs her beauty rest whilst the boys build her a deck..)

To be continued…

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